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material: plastic
Weight: about 9 grams
Tube diameter: 19mm
Unstretched length: about 14.5CM
The longest stretch: about 51CM
material: plastic
Weight: about 19 grams
Tube diameter: 29mm
Unstretched length: about 19.5CM
The longest stretch: about 68CM
Its a fun and functional sensory toy that pops, stretches and connects, making these pop-up tubes a go-to in-game toy.
Designed for all busy little fingers, these bouncy toys are also exciting toys for kids with special needs.
Toys with special needs, such as sensory tubes, can provide tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and auditory feedback.
The perfect collection of autism toys. These sensory toys can also serve as inspiring physiotherapy toys.
Each pop-up tube kit has multiple colors, including 1 x red tube, 1 x yellow tube, 1 x blue tube, 1 x green tube, 1 x rose red tube, 1 x orange tube, 1 x purple tube, Three random tubes, four random tubes, seven random tubes


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